Fondazione Corrente – Studio Treccani

Ernesto Treccani

Artist | Porta Nuova | The period after World War II


(Milan 1920-2009) founded the magazine “Corrente” in 1938, bringing together groups of antifascist intellectuals and artists; he showed the first works at the Bottega di Corrente with Birolli, Guttuso and Sassu. In the postwar era, in keepign with his political and civil engagement, he concentrated on the themes of rural life and the urban industrial landscape. Later his painting addressed different issues, experimenting with a range of new techniques, materials and formal solutions. In 1978 he created Fondazione Corrente.

There are still certain streets in Milan, like Via Carlo Porta, that seem to appear and disappear. They are there yet they are not there, you walk buy without even seeing them. A young woman looking for a job arrived here one morning in 1970. She came from Vanzaghello, between Busto Arsizio and the Ticino. Her name was Onorina, and she wasn’t sure how to address you, intimidated by your presence. You were looking for a secretary, Ernesto, someone to oversee your infinite everyday affairs. Onorina knew you well, was closely acquainted with your family, which “back in town” had given employment to entire generations of her neighbors. One phrase you uttered was enough to get over her shyness: “here,…