(Milan 1927 – 2002) Artist, poet and writer. In the 1950s he began as a painter, reaching the highest echelons of Italian art in the span of a decade. He wrote for Corriere della Sera and directed the television program Contesto. Dean of the Brera Fine Arts Academy (1997-2000). After many exhibitions in Italy and abroad, a retrospective was held at Palazzo Reale in Milan in 2001. Literary works include: L’opera, 1980, La tempesta, 1993, La deposizione, 1997, La distanza, 1998, Eccetera, 2002, La lunga notte, 2010 and Poemetti e poesie, 2011.

How many “Emilios” have there been, Emilio? There was the one who at the age of twenty was already publishing in the “Politecnico” of Elio Vittorini, the one who danced boogie-woogie at Santa Tecla with Rosellina Archinto, the one who advised or reassured Giorgio Armani about his creations, the one who sang Neapolitan songs with Dario Fo while playing the guitar, the one who did the covers for the recordings of Ricky Gianco, or the source of inspiration for Mariuccia Mandelli. The one who wrote for the Corriere della Sera or talked about art on television. The poet, the painter, the storyteller. How many lives did you live, Emilio? No matter how many, you lived them all in your father’s…