Fondazione Boschi Di Stefano

Antonio Boschi e Marieda Di Stefano

Art Collectors | Porta Venezia – Loreto | Between the two world wars


Antonio Boschi (Novara 1896 – Milan 1988), Marieda Di Stefano (Milan, 1901-1968). Antonio Boschi, enrolled in the Military Academy, served in World War I and then took a degree in Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic. He began to work at Pirelli, where he developed about 100 important patents. His marriage to Marieda Di Stefano in 1927, a ceramist originating from the Marches, reawakened their shared passion for art, which in forty years together led to their prestigious collection of 2250 works of the first sixty years of the 1900s. Marieda opened a pottery school on the ground floor of their home.

You cannot fight your own obsessions; it’s a losing battle. You just have to go with them. And hopefully share them, which is what happened to you, Antonio. After all, what would your life have been like had you never met Marieda? With whom would you have started to collect remnants of beauty, glimpses of visions? You were a young engineer from Novara, who survived the Great War on an airship crew, and then two years in Budapest, on the railroad. A technician, of the pure variety. In an era in which technique did not exclude an artistic bent: you loved music, played the violin, and had an interest in art. As was the prerogative of the engineers of “noster…