Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere

Alik Cavaliere

Artist | Porta Ticinese | From the 1960s to the end of the millennium


He studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera with Manzù, Funi and Marino Marini, from whom he took over the chair in sculpture in 1970. He showed work twice at the Venice Biennale, in 1964 and 1972, with his own room. Other shows were held in Tokyo, Los Angeles and San Francisco. His main works include: I processi dalle storie inglesi di W. Shakespeare 1972, the cycles Giochi proibiti 1958-59, Metamorfosi 1958-59, Avventure di Gustavo B 1961-64, Viva la libertà 1963-83, and the environments Apollo e Dafne 1970, I giardini della memoria 1988-90, Il Pigmalione 1986-87, Surroundings 1969.

They came to buy a sculpture. And you brought them to visit the garden where you grew vegetables. You did not like parting with your lost-wax bronzes. It was as if they were part of some inner landscape, a tangle of thoughts gathered over the years, which no one would be able to sort out. One entered your workshop on tiptoe, following obligatory paths, overwhelmed by stones, bronzes, found objects, brass, tools. Your image in concrete form. Perhaps your ultimate work, Alik, made of accumulation, layering, like the human mind. You sought the memory of things, to immortalize it. So your hypothetical clients went home without a sculpture, but with a basketful of herbs from your garden. Nature was your…